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Camped outside Sedona Az. spring of 2016 near Palatki ruins. I noticed an interesting rock on the ground near my right foot. As I reached to pick it up I felt a sharp sting on my right wrist bone. The rattler recoiled, I guess for another strike, needless to say I vacated the area. It never moved, rattled or gave any indication it was there until striking. I loaded the dog and myself in the truck and drove to urgent care in Sedona. The PA listened to my heart took my blood pressure and cleaned the bite. He said if it swelled any further or became more painful to go to the emergency room otherwise go back to camp. The bite was directly on the wristbone and most likely didn't get much venom injected. The only thing remaining on the wrist is a single red spot. Wish I could say that about the moose attack my dog and I survived later that summer in Grand, Co.
I may have mentioned it before, I didn't realize it when I was sleeping on the ground a lot years ago in the Verde Valley, but some of the rattlesnakes in the Verde are Mojaves. More badder than ordinary rattlesnake venom. You lucked out in any event, glad it wasn't more of a problem.

Palatki is cool ruins to explore. Its been more developed since I was there last, it used to be park at the dirt parking area and walk in.

The entire valley has remains on hilltops and caves.
Oh, I found my branch. Very interested in snakes and collect photos of those whom I saw alive. Despite the fact that my main job is writing an essay since I'm a copywriter and working at learn the facts here now I'm lucky because a couple of my colleagues are interested in the same.


I have a few acres here in SC and wonder all around it. I’ve only seen one snake in 2 years. I lived on 40 acres for about 8 years and saw 3 rattlers, all died after first one tried to bite my dog. Had more sightinags of copperheads than any others, they reside in snake heaven also!
in the south cottonmouths & copperheads are quit common as of the viper snakes, were Sally & I go. Arkansas started transplanting rattle snakes in the state. Just have to be aware of your surroundings, especially around water with cottonmouths.
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