Skifari returns for 2020/2021!!!

Skifari returns for 2020/2021!!!

What is Skifari you ask? Skifari is a ski bum trip that moves resort to resort all while ski bumming in the parking lots of the resorts getting the most turns possible!

This season we will be heading to Utah and Colorado!

The trip generally last a week with 3-4 resorts that are friendly to ski bums.

How it works! I'll lay out a efficient way to travel from one resort to another no more than 3-4 hours apart. We will meet at the starting resort the night before, ski the next day at said resort then that afternoon move to the next resort. Some resorts we will stay two days and move the following day. This all depends on ski bum friendly resorts and distances to be traveled.

The drives between resorts allows you and your gear a chance to dry out and be ready for the next day of turns.

This trip is a no cost community based trip, join when you want ski with whom you want. Generally at night we hang out build a fire (in a fire pan) drink beer wash rinse repeat! You will come home beat and stinky! The spirit of Skifari is no hotels no showers but if you can score a hot tub dip you get Nar points!

I need community help with this one! I need recon on bum friendly resorts in Utah and Colorado. So please chime in. All the better if they are somewhat closer together. 5F5B6905-A3BB-45F6-8B67-D31B58460D28.jpeg 7A5CDEF3-55CF-4137-8C84-2C55D83C9872.jpeg 4BB6F846-67D2-4EFD-8339-DD2000196EB2.jpeg 0C78E369-9757-4A54-8387-D98F056E889F.jpeg 88EEEE7C-5D0E-4C55-861E-4BB8CFD08BC9.jpeg
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