Scout Equipment Overland Kitchen Build

In the recent months I have been in the process of getting my rig setup with the Scout Equipment Overland Kitchen. Scout Equipment is a relatively new player on the market that is about to makes big waves in the overland kitchen and storage solutions world. I have been utterly blown away by their attention to detail they have shown me on their overland kitchen solution. This is not just a storage solution its a full blown overland style kitchen complete with a sink and running water, custom wiring, and innovative design. Build process has begun with their overland kitchen in my Subaru Forester and I am proud to be build number 2 for them (The first build went to one of the founders of Scout haha)

I like their focus because its more of an overall kitchen solution rather than just gear storage. The 12v powered sink with water on demand and the way the system is thought out had me literally throwing my money at them to make this product for me.

I know Brian pretty well at Goose Gear and had met with him in regards to those guys building me a setup for my Forester but the time it was going to take to actually build my setup was a bit longer than what I had expected. Goose Gear is hands down the standard out on the market as of now but its nice to have another player in the market with a slightly different approach to offer people. I looked at all the other solutions out there.. TruckVault, GG, etc and decided to go with these guys because I loved the way their system was setup. Its geared for those who love cooking in the backcountry and I think its an awesome alternative to what's currently on the market.

I know the guys from Tembo Tusk and Mojo Griddle get along just fine so I was hoping for the same in this instance. :)

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What are the overall dimensions packed and deployed?
This depends on the dimensions of your vehicle cargo space. They are actually in the process of building into popular overlanding vehicles that are currently on the market to have a base foundation to go off of. I would reach out too them with any questions that you have. They can do anything custom you need to do. For instance, the original design was done in a 4Runner and mine will be a Subaru Forester. They are modifying their original design to better fit my specific vehicle. In a nutshell, they can do whatever the heck you want. I cannot believe the level of detail that these guys have thought of in their designs in regards to sourcing products and materials to use in their builds..
@bob91yj Maybe you need to see the whole thing. The drawer, sink, cook area is just ONE part of the entire system. The one in the pic is not going to be exactly like mine I am allowing space on top to store more gear instead of having three rows of drawers..Also I will have the ARB fridge installed in mine. Again they can design how you like. This isnt for everyone just another solution for those interested. To me I want more than just storage to throw a bunch of crap in. I want it organized, well designed, and items places securely for transport.

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From what I was able to find the original pricing was about $5,500,

Their store is and it's empty. Since it's been lying fallow since 2016 I wouldn't hold out much hope for it seeing production.
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