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Greetings Everyone,

Well, I missed the Mountain Rendezvous and was looking for a little off-road trip. I saw the above posting and was impressed with the web-site and after reading the bios of the instructors, I continued to look at the training and adventures they offer.

I decided to sign up for their 2 day after Thanksgiving Adventure. They provide a good adventure pre-brief and a complete driver brief on day one.

There were 17 vehicles (2 leader vehicles) and I was one of 2 vehicles that was new to the company. The leaders did a pre-run of the trails a week prior. The group operated on family radios and the leaders would use Ham radios if they were out of range. They also had Sat Phones for emergencies.

This was a great trip around the Mojave, CA Jawbone area, but I was definitely out of my comfort zone and my Hummer H1 was a little big on those "jeep roads." Everyone worked as a team, and yes i was nervous and had to take 2 bypasses with one of the leaders.

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