Regional Destinations Field Guide...A Crowd Sourced Database


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Regional Destination Field Guide... a Crowd Sourced Adventure Travel Database.

What we are looking for... We are seeking to build a general database of possible adventure locations within individual regions and states to inspire our fellow members to get out and explore. And we are hoping that you, good member, are willing to share some of your knowledge of your local stomping grounds with the greater Community at large.

Posts and recommendations in these state sections need not be limited to overlanding but also any outdoor activity represented by this Forum. Paddling, hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor activities are all worthy of highlighting. In addition we hope this new section will help our community members begin the process of researching new trips.

Entries in these submission can include general overview maps, links to governing/managing bodies, listings of what flavor of adventures that can be had, info on weather conditions, advice on the best time of year to visit and so on and so forth.

Add a few well chosen pictures to spice up the post and you're done. In the best case scenario a link to an accompanying TRIP REPORT would be the icing on the cake.

What we don't want... While we are trying to provide a service here for the Community we don't want to spoon feed anybody an adventure. We are supposed to be adventurous, self sufficient types here. Searching and planning your own adventure is part of the challenge and draw of adventure travel. These posts are meant to be inspirational in nature, not a step by step guide.

Avoid giving detailed GPS tracks or waypoints, and please do not mention locales that are over stressed or have environmental concerns. We ask that you please keep your secret sites secret so that they stay that way. Also we are not looking for full on trip reports in this section, but links back to yours would be awesome.

How to use this Field Guide... Choose the appropriate section and post up your travel/adventure destination using the above guidelines. Ideally these posts will instill some wanderlust in a fellow Adventurist and nudge them into asking questions in the Trip Planning section.

So here's the scenario...You post up the bait here with a cool area, activity or destination in your Region; your fellow forum member sees it and pines to go experience it for themselves; then that member starts researching and maybe posts up in the Trip Planning section to get more detailed info from forum members; and a trip happens and we all get a new Trip Report to ogle.

So feel free to start your submissions and inspire a fellow Adventurist to get out there.

States are grouped by Region to make things easy to find:



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Format tweeked to encourage folks to inspire fellow members to get out and explore their own corner of their world.


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We've added the following to each state to make it easy for everyone to share:

Crowd Sourced! Share information and ask specific questions about this state here.

This section is focused on documenting the following:
  • Adventure Opportunities & Destinations
  • Trails
  • Campsites
  • Watercraft Put-Ins/Take-Outs
  • Local Info, Highlights & Lore
  • Local Regulations & Local Insight
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