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The Sheriff

The atmosphere at American Adventurist is meant to be welcoming and friendly to anyone who visits, and membership here requires an understanding of concepts like respect for others and common courtesy. Therefore, we have laid out the following guidelines for the Marketplace.

American Adventurist requires that the following rules be met by members prior to posting items for sale on this site:

1. You must be a registered member and contribute to the Community to post here - we appreciate a good deal but we value your participation here even more so please post up more than once!

2. You MUST be in physical possession of the item being sold by YOU.

3. The Marketplace Forum is for Member to Member sales and trades here on AAV. Links to items for sale on another Site or Forum (Vendor, Ebay or Craigslist links to good deals etc) belong in the Internet Exchange Forum.

4. You must provide a price and location of item. It is recommended you post a picture of the item and state if you are willing to ship or if it must be picked up in person.

5. No vendors, businesses, etc without prior approval. The Marketplace Forum is primarily for members to buy and sell from other members. If you are a vendor and would like to sell or advertise here please shoot Dave a PM.

6. Items need to be related to camping, traveling, vehicle dependent, outdoor adventure, etc. Electronics, HAM radio and computer stuff is OK. This is not a general swap meet (i.e. no Vanilla Ice albums, couches, spoon collections, etc).

7. No dumping in for sale threads. Items are worth whatever the member deems or whatever the market will bear.

8. Posts violating the rules will be immediately deleted, and without PM or explanation.

9. Buyers and Sellers assume any and all risks in any transaction. Our wish is for this forum to be a safe environment for our members to buy and sell amongst themselves; however, American Adventurist can not and will not be responsible for any transactions gone bad. CAVEAT EMPTOR applies here.

10. All transactions must be in accordance with all State and Federal Laws. Period.

We assume no responsibility for items or transactions between individuals and recommend you approach all transactions with caution.

It is incumbent upon the buyer and seller to comply with all state and federal laws.
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