quick get a way

Sally & I took off Saturday for a quick trip to Sylamore Rangers District in the Ozarks. Set up camp in a clear cutting & went out exploring found this old homested. Otherwise we stayed in camp mostly to relax. Weather was in the 60's & nights low 40's high 30's.

I wanted to share this I picked up some new fridge stands from Ironman 4x4 to raise up our kitchen tote, pantry tote. I was super impressed how solid & built these fridge stands are. Better than my Waeco fridge stands. https://ironman4x4america.com/fridge-stand/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItJnelaf65wIVBV8NCh2n8AjIEAQYASABEgKoFvD_BwE
I just thought maybe some of you guys would want to know.
SAM_1707.JPG SAM_1715.JPG SAM_1698.JPG SAM_1684.JPG SAM_1737.JPG SAM_1731.JPG
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