question about propane

just came back from my shop, I check the fuse in the heater (good), hooked everything up & brought out another 20lb bottle (1 full the other 1\2 full) went thru the starting sequence nothing on both bottles I tried. Then I decided to try both bottles on a portable heater (3rd photo), nothing the heater wouldn't engite. Makes me think the propane is too cold.
SAM_1619.JPG SAM_1617.JPG SAM_1622.JPG
I'm assuming you tried another regulator like dave suggested.

Regarding the forced air heater, you should be able to hear the gas attempting to come out when you press and turn the knob with the power disconnected. Otherwise I'd give it a shot with your propane stove or lantern. You want to eliminate by process of elimination each item to determine what works vs what does not.
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