Back in May, I installed some things on Project Tundra and something weird started happening.  I started getting this muscle soreness whenever I would drive the truck, and the problem seemed to be exacerbated by driving on dirt roads—especially when driving in a spirited manner (If I’m being honest, it happened on paved roads too….especially the twisty-windy ones.)  After seeking the help of various medical professionals with no luck, I took my problem to Google.  Rabbit holes were explored; but to no avail.  Months later, I can only conclude that I’m suffering from the thing that I hope has afflicted everyone who drives a vehicle off road:  Soreness of the face from too many Grins Per Mile.  And I put the blame squarely on the Icon Vehicle Dynamics (IVD) suspension for making my face hurt from grinning so much...
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Hey Chad,
Great article on Icon. It is on my list of ToDos for my 2012 DC Tundra; however, in the spirit of doing what enhances the family adventure first I am currently looking for a topper that will hold a RTT. Your setup looks ideal for that with the flat rack. Can you tell me what Topper and rack you have installed on your Tundra? I've only seen the two articles in this build so far, am I missing any? Thanks in advance.


Nice article! Tundra keeps staying on my next truck list, even is it is big....

EDIT: Added all the goodies to my cart, that's 8k in suspension parts! Ouch.
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