Penetrating Oil


Can't seem to use the link, but we have options at work, and lately I've begun to appreciate T-A-P, or Triple Action Penetrant, stuff works very well for unsticking frozen or corroded nuts & bolts. I'll spray the target areas and let the T-A-P work its way into and up or down the threads, and the stuff hasn't failed me yet, though the occasional & judicious 'tap' of a hammer on a wrench serves to loosen badly frozen or corroded hardware even faster, lol. I should add that the golf cart fleet & mowers have been neglected for some time, so there are HEAPS of frozen & corroded nuts & bolts on the equipment, which we are slowly replacing with nice new hardware. :rolleyes:

Other suggestions here are good, most of those products do a decent job... and we have many of 'em at work, I just like this T-A-P stuff, it's my go-to corrosion buster for hardware, and we also have cases of it, lol. That's actually how I learned of its usefulness, saw how much we had and thought to myself, "Let's see if this cr@p works!!!" Oh, yeah, it's made by an outfit named MARC, or Mid-American Research Chemical, in case anybody wants to try it. Not bad penetrant, seems to work fine for my purposes. :D
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