Overland trailer tub build.

I found this tub for sale on line for my good friend. They manufacture them along with trailers also. My buddy is building a overland trailer right now (he's in the frame fabrication stage) he was asking me about my tub & the kit. I expressed my true feelings on my build how happy it turned out but was a little disappointed about some of the manufactured issues. But if I had it to do all over again I would of went with this tub, that was after the fact I purchase my Dinoot. So my buddy Frankie will be ordering one of these with tailgate & lid.

Looks to be a real solid tub.



Al Swope

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Too funny! I am so guilty of this. I have a disconnect somewhere between my brain and typing fingers. I always have to edit my posts, but there's no fixing the titles!
the floor measures 58" x 48.5"
o\a size 53" w x 60" l x 23" h
We set them up 2 different ways... with and without a lid.

Without a lid they are 21.5" tall and with a lid they are 23" tall. The models with a lid also have a complete gutter system to prevent the ingress of water.

The tubs are 12ga steel... using a single piece of plate to form the tub from side to side with 8-10 breaks. This minimizes welds, production time and stress points plus means you dont lose any interior space to support structures.
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