Overland Expo sold?


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@Jonathan Hanson I remember my wife and I meeting you and Roseann for the first time, at the Poway Fillippi's pizza about 11 or so years ago. We really admired you guys and what you were doing with the emerging "overland" market in the US. You took the idea of organizing a new "thing" and created Overland Expo. We attended two of the earlier events and as AAV came onboard as a partner, I believe I worked one or two of those events with the AAV crew. To see what this started as and what it has become today is really an amazing story. I know you guys have had ups and downs over the years with locations and weather. I am part of a classic car club and we host an event each year and I know how much stress that is on our group, which is magnitudes smaller in size the OVX ever was. I am sure you guys aged much more than the last 10 years would normally have caused. I am glad you guys are going to be able to get back to your "roots" so to say and hopefully this new company will be able to pick up and grow from where you guys took it to.

I has and is a pleasure to know you guys and wish you both nothing but the very best. I look forward to more of your writings and hopefully you can create some stories of adventures here on AAV.... since you'll have a lot more time on your hands. :) Thanks and look forward to chatting at some future time.

Jonathan Hanson

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With any luck, all you'll notice is better infrastructure with the addition of investment. We like the people who bought it, and they seem excited about the community. Of course, it's their show now.
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