Online First Aid Video

One of the people I follow online is Grant Cunningham. He send out a weekly email (His "hump day reading list") recommending interesting information he has found. Today's email included the following:

A great video on treating trauma

If you’ve spent any time in the defensive shooting world, you’ve probably been encouraged to carry a tourniquet and to learn how to use it. As it happens, tourniquets aren’t just for treating gunshot wounds; they’re useful for car wrecks, industrial accidents, and even people falling through plate-glass windows.

The trouble is that too many people get the tourniquet but ignore the training part. There is no substitute for hands-on training, particularly in non-intuitive skills such as immediate trauma care. What if you can’t make it to a local course right away, but still want to be better prepared to deal with massive trauma?

This is a superb, detailed (three hours long!) video taken from a trauma care class. It is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive video I’ve yet seen online. Consider it your
*introduction* to the topic, to be augmented by a hands-on course at your earliest convenience.

(Disclaimer: The live fire drills and care under fire sections aren’t particularly plausible in the civilian world, but they’re at the end and can be easily skipped.)

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