Nissan Titan thoughts


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I have no personal experience, don't even know anyone that owns one. Reviews on line are crappy for the most part. Poorest selling full size truck, residual value drops to 30% of purchase price in 5 years.
In my experience, major electrical gremlins due to cheap connectors all through the vehicle. That makes for long and tedious diagnosis which translates into expensive repairs.


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I had a 2004 which I loved. It never gave me a single mechanical or electrical problem. Unfortunately, the paint wasn't the best and the roof and hood eventually had to be repainted before we sold it to move up to a bigger truck and camper. I can't speak for the current gen.
Sticker price on new Pro 4x models in Atlanta appears to be $60,000ish before incentives. Put 20,000 odd miles on one and they're being sold as a certified used vehicle for $30k - $32k. Probably a reason for that 50% drop.

I've rented a few and didn't care for them. Very poor road manners, noisy, hard plastic interiors with poor layouts. Full disclosure, I'm not a Nissan fan.

If you do pull the trigger it looks like used is the way to go. Let someone else eat that depreciation.

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