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Goose Lake, 11,000 plus feet in elevation. (You'll be in the shadows of NMs highest point, Wheeler Peak at 13,161 ft.). Near the small town of Red River. NW of Taos, northernmost part of the state. High clearance 4x4 mandatory. (UTV preferred). Honestly nothing bigger than a Jeep should be on this road. Amazing place though. Big Horn Sheep, pika, Elk ,all the usual critters. Prepare for a long but rewarding day. Mistakes can cost you so be cool! The map in the pic is all you need. IMG_0937.jpg IMG_8185.JPG IMG_8076.JPG

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Adding this to my ever growing list of places to go

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Looking for some off road travel options while in NM this spring. Found this near Farmington while studying maps. It's in my general area of exploration for this trip and if I'm eventually getting to a destination, as long as it's on the way, I'm always game for a little bypass of the main roads. It's the CR 1980 route heading NE from Farmington. Where it meets up with NM 574, there is also a junction with the old Spanish Trail. This road also crosses through the Bohanon Canyon Fossil Complex.
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