New Defender spotted in Moab


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Visual sight lines out of it look like doo-doo, lots of stuff blocking it.

That picture from the right-hand rear corner perfectly showcases the location of an enormous blind spot for the driver. I guess the 360 degree cameras will have to replace actual visibility. To put in alpine glass and then block visibility that is useful to safe operation just showcases that it's form over function.


I'd say it's definitely got the looks, the four door does anyways. But I'm disappointed in the features and shared suspension for something that could have been so much more, and should have been with such a history.

But who are we kidding? You all know the majority demographic that are actually going to be driving these things.

The wife just said its ugly. Looked like a Mini Cooper threw up all over it. Hahaha.
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I'm pretty disappointed in it as well. Honestly, I would only be a potential customer if they brought the 130 truck, but rumors are they won't be offering it. I'm also disappointed that they don't offer a removable top, it looks like a Kia, and it has the same drivetrain as a discovery, but more expensive.
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