My Jeep at the Oceanside 4th of July parade.

I am at the 1 hour 4 min 20 second mark, Now a story. I person riding with me is Larry a WW2 vet who landed on Saipan. As I was prepping the jeep for the parade I was approached by one of the members of the parade asking if I would not mind taking Larry down a few streets to were he was going to meet his party to ride in the parade, How could I pass this up? Well as I arrived with Larry to where I was doing to drop him off his buddy said I can't take him as he had no room. Larry was very upset, He turned to me as ask what do I do now? I told him it would be a honor to have him ride with me in the parade. His reply was let's do it! So that is how I had the pleasure and honor having a WW2 Vet ride with me.
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