Sometimes, all you want in the world is for the water that you’ve been cooking on your backcountry stove for the last fortnight to actually boil. I’m pretty sure that whoever came up with the saying that “a watched pot never boils” was on the side of a mountain in less than ideal conditions [read: it was really cold and windy] and their stove never actually succeeded in boiling water, so they had to eat cold freeze dried food—or maybe that was me. Yet, now that I have a MSR Windburner stove system, I’ve made a hobby out of trying to find an environment where I can’t boil water. Spoiler alert: I haven’t found one yet.

The Windburner isn’t subtle about what it can do to some water that needs cooking. Just...
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Awesome article. Love the FLIR shots. I just picked up my Windburner last week. Haven't gotten the skillet yet but I think I'll need to order one ASAP.
I would have said "built-in igniters WILL fail." :D

I need to pick one of these up for the Subaru. I actually prefer stoves, at least compact stoves, to not have built in igniters. There's just not enough room in a stove that small for a reliable igniter. All of the igniters in the three small stoves I've had failed in the first few months of use.
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