Lurch's F-150

I'm new here and that I would share what I have a done to our truck.

Started out as a stock 2013 F-150 with 72k on the 5.0
Not having a lot of money I started off looking for parts on the interwebs and found the lift wheels and tires for under 700 bucks.
Next thing I did was have the windows tented to match the factory tent. Then I built the bed rack. I knew I wanted dry storage. So back to shopping I found a roof box for 20 bucks on Craigslist. I didn't want the box sticking a mile above the cab so I dropped it into the rack area. The next step for the bed is something I'm contemplating.
I moved on to the front bumper and cam up with what it is now. I still need to get a winch and finish the lower skid plate. The rear bumper I think is going to be a swing out tire and fuel carrier. Still contemplating that one as well.
This weekend I think is going to be rock rails but we'll see. Here's some pictures for you.

IMG_20190601_165150569.jpg IMG_20190417_140712542.jpg IMG_20190609_101410912.jpg IMG_20190609_102401530.jpg
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