Little work on the squaredrop trailer.

Went to the shop building to turn the heat on to do some work on our camping trailer in a few hours, wow! that northern wind has a bite to it as of cold.
35°F with a real feel 31° feels colder than that. The chickens wouldn't even come out.
I removed the manufactures decals from both sides keeping the front & rears ones & replaced it with 18" American Adventurist decals. I figured the cold weather even though the shop is heated would still give me some adhesion problems, did the ol' tape test to the sides of the trailer & it stuck real good.
The heat gun made do of quick removal, followed by a grease oil adhesive remover wipe down & a clean wipe down with Windex & a blow off from the air nozzle. I level'd off the trailer front to back & used a small level & the star on the decal to level the decal to the trailer.
Dave thanks for the swag you sent, patch & small decal. I ordered the 18" & got them real fast in the mail.

Heres a few pic's of the interior, finally got it finished. Last pic is what I started with
SAM_2990.JPG SAM_2993.JPG SAM_2991.JPG SAM_2988.JPG SAM_2987.JPG SAM_2995.JPG SAM_3003.JPG SAM_2997.JPG SAM_3001.JPG SAM_3004.JPG SAM_3002.JPG unwdb7bgban3jerwl6di.jpg
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