Limited edition PDW/AAV Mountain Rendezvous Patch


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Not everyone can make it out to our events so we’re going to make some of these available here to our members.

Prometheus Design Werx and American Adventurist teamed up once again for this VERY limited run, if you follow the #patchgame you know that these are HIGHLY collectible... :cool:

$13 shipped to you, two for $25. Shipping to USA only.

You must be a member here to get one. Follow the two simple steps below :lawyer

1. POST here that you want one (again, you must be a member to post).

2. Send me a PM here on this forum with your shipping address and use the PayPal donate button at the bottom of this page to pay.

*Limit two per member. Only 50 available, these will go very fast folks!


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It's AMERICAN Adventurist? :keyboard Sorry, couldn't resist
:study"American Adventurist is a North America focused adventure travel enthusiast community; a community dedicated to exploration, self-sufficiency, and preserving our traditional American values, culture, and heritage."

Couldn't resist either... :thumbsup
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