Leaky sunroof 2014 Suby Outback

So it was the tubes, going to go ahead and fork over the cash to get the headliner replaced. :-(

Having avoided sunroofs in the past, I didn't know about the tubes, which sounds like a terrible idea to the engineer side of me. When the opportunity comes along, I'm going to trade in the wife's car for one without a sunroof. Might move away from Subaru over this crap. We will see if I get over it in the coming months. This option that we never wanted to begin with is turning into a headache, and I'm not happy with Subaru about failing to include this in their regular maintenance routine. WTF. This vehicle has been serviced by the dealership at all prescribed intervals since we bought the car.

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I feel your frustration!! I was so sad to discover a flaw in my daughters beloved Subaru! This sweet little car hits on so many levels except for the poorly designed sunroof drains. Geez! had I known this sunroof would require removing the dash, replacing driver side speaker and all of the carpet, I would have chosen the 2016 Crosstrek without one, Ugg!! I was also told by the service dept I have to claim this on my car insurance because Subaru does not consider this to be a warranty issue and the repairs are very costly. I live in Houston Tx, and considering the torrential downpour of Harvey, my insurance will cover it. however, I am no engineer but did give birth to one, this just seems like a Subaru design flaw. I have owned many makes and models with sunroofs and have been through several Texas hurricanes and never had an issue like this. Now along with oil maintenance my daughter has to remember to get the sunroof drains blown out so MAYBE this wont happen again. What a pain!!!
Not a long story. A short story.
My wife drives a 2014 Subaru Outback with a sunroof.
It rains hard in Texas, apparently hard enough to leak badly through said sunroof (and yes it was in the fully closed position).
The headliner is smelling of mildew badly after being soaked. Wife took it to the dealership, who wants $1000 to replace the headliner.
I said "you guys are crazy! This is a 2 year old car!"
They said "Subaru doesn't recognize it as a defect"
I said "So these sunroofs just leak and they don't take steps to help customers?"
They said "Not all of them leak"
I said "I'm going to call Subaru and talk to them about it before I pay you $1000"

So Subaru said they would talk to the dealership, look into the matter, and get back to me. No word yet.

I'm getting grumpy. This doesn't seem right.


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Hi Mr. Leary. My name is Christine. I found your post and specifically signed up to contact you about this. The same thing happened to me!! I bought a 2014 Subaru Outback with 25k miles in Sept 2017 with a warranty. DURING my first car wash after my purchase, the sunroof poured on my head. I immediately call the dealership. They ignored multiple phone calls so I drove to the dealership. The dealership told me I didn't know how to close my sunroof properly. The next time I felt water on my floor, I thought it was just a leaky water bottle.
Fast forward to a year later, I smell mildew. I lift up all my rubber mats and the floors are soaked.
The dealership incorrectly replaced the sunroof. It was brought in for an additional fix. They are saying the sunroof is to blame for all the water damage. I'm not sure if that's correct. Nothing has been done about properly eradicating the mold/mildew. THERE WAS EXCESSIVE WATER...like PUDDLES in the floorboard under my seat. My car only has 41K miles and who knows how much damage the water already has done and will do to electrical components, corrosion, mold spores ....
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