The folks at Klim have created something in the world of technical riding gear that blurs the lines on exactly who this gear is made for – and that is precisely what makes it so good.  Think worn-in work wear all-day comfort fused with the technical function and performance you would expect from Klim, yet priced to fit in any rider’s budget.  It‘s gear that goes great with any motorcycle, on just about any ride, and looks so good and is so comfortable that you may find yourself wearing it when motorcycles aren’t even involved with whatever you’re doing.

According to Klim, the 626 collection is “less about what you’re on, and more about what you’re doing. 626 is about riding. And riding gear that can do anything.”  You won’t find the uber high tech materials and every last feature that some of Klim’s most iconic pieces of riding gear have, but what you will find in the 626 collection is timeless design, function, and...
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Great review! I'm going to need to look into grabbing this gear. The photos also have me missing my 1980 Honda XL 125. Never should have sold that bike.

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Looks like a great set of riding gear. The title of the article sounded like a challenge at first... I was already scouring the want ad's for a $600 bike so that aI could score the gear!
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