JK gas theft

I wanted to share a recent negative experience I had while staying at a Arcadia hotel in So Cal for work. I had just checked out at 5 am after a 4 night stay and headed to my Jeep with my bags when I noticed a milk jug under the rear passenger side. I didn’t really think anything of it other than somebody put their pee jug under the Jeep! I opened the passenger side door to load my bags and then it hit me! I smelt the gas and I immediately knew someone got me! 5BAD257F-195D-4BAD-AE2B-86199C556DEC.jpeg I was instantly upset to say the least. The tank was drilled just above the skid plate, and just like that my whole day was ruined. 3647751A-E811-420B-A19C-065A93FD4826.jpeg I proceeded to contact hotel security, call the police, my insurance, work and finally auto club to have it towed to the dealership near my house. 6A2938FC-D8CF-466D-9AA1-A86F7E5FFD56.jpeg The insurance company paid for a new gas tank and the labor and I had them replace the fuel pump on my dime while they were there. Just wanted to give fellow Jeepers a heads up that this is happening. I guess I will no longer be taking my favorite vehicle for offsite work stuff!


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That's why I'm glad my gas tank is behind a ¼" think piece of steel.

Sadly you can't siphon from most modern vehicles any more, which is why thieves drill tanks. There's an anti-siphon "cage" at the bottom of the filler neck. (At least my Jeep has one.) Plus draining from a tank like that is quicker than siphoning.
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