Jeep diesel settlement appears immenent


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I predict the demise of small diesel engines in the US for light duty vehicles. Even if they are out there, trying to find someone to work on it, not to mention the parts availability will be difficult. How many of you remember that the Liberty had a diesel engine option? Call your local Jeep dealer or Jiffy Lube and ask them how much for an oil change and a fuel filter change on a diesel Liberty...


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So many folks in the US pointed to Europe and stated, "look at the European manufacturer's - there are so many diesel options - why can't we have them here (US)"?

I was recently in Germany and paid a lot of attention to vehicles on the road. Sure, still plenty of diesel car options but I was impressed to see an increased number of all electric and gas/electric hybrid vehicles on the road and supporting infrastructure (re-powering stations) from when I was there 2 years earlier.

Availability will decrease... European automakers are increasingly moving to electric. Plus, look at the legislation coming out of the more progressive European governments. Politicos are legislating manufacturers away from fossil fuels. Even China is making tremendous progress towards all electric propulsion. I too believe diesel engines for passenger vehicles are going to become less available options.
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