Help me decide how to install a second battery in the bed of my Gladiator


So now that I have my Alu-Cab canopy installed I am trying to decide how to finish out the interior.

I am planning on installing the following:

-a Redarc BCDC controller (shown in the picture where the mask is)
- my fridge where shown
-and a battery where shown. I will be using a BattleBorn 100 AH battery.
-the balance of the space will be occupied by a water tank at the front of the bed and a custom built drawer set up that will have a top that covers most of the area giving me a flat surface to put additional items.

So my question is how do I secure the battery? Do I use some sort of box? If so, what do you recommend. If not, what do you think?

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The two concerns with batteries are (a) prevent the battery from being able to move around, and (b) protect against accidentally shorting terminals, etc. Battleborn can tell you if you also have specific requirements re: gassing or temperature control, which is something to be aware of before you commit to a mount. If gassing isn't a concern, then you're probably good with any kind of box where you can physically secure the battery and protect the terminals.

I use an AGM battery in my van, and while it is not 100% off-gassing "proof", I made the calculated risk to not isolate it from the passenger cabin the way I would using a standard wet-cell battery. As such, I have a wooden box with a latch-on cover over the terminals and wiring and the battery is secured with a standard "tie down strap" that secures to the base of the box, which is in-turn bolted to the floor using the factory seatbelt-mount holes. My AGM battery weighs 70+ lbs, so I can't screw around with lightweight mounting.

HOWEVER: What are your options for underbody mounting? I was about 1" shy of being able to mount my Group31 house battery under my van (which would have been my preference). Now that LiFePO4 packs are more common and coming down in price, I may be able to relocate my house battery since there are some alternate form-factors available.


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I use a Artec battery tray for mine. Works great and is very secure. Trick is just mounting it to something in your bed. I'd also look into a battery box just to keep anything from shifting and bumping into the battery terminals. So a box big enough for the Artec tray to fit inside would be ideal.
That's what I use for the Odyssey Group 31 AGM, through-bolted to my homemade Goose Gear plate in the 4Runner. Wanted something heavy duty to hold all that weight in place in an emergency. Dean's idea of finding a large enough battery box to hold it all is a good one. Mine looks hokey, with one of Deb's old garden kneeling pads bungee-corded across the top to protect the terminals, but it works just fine. :dunno
I just added a National Luna battery box to the bed of my truck. It's a tad spendy, but its features are what I want out of a battery box. It has a metal bar that holds the battery solid in the box. For the moment I'm using a ratchet strap to keep the whole box in place.

You definitely want to cover those terminals in some way. You don't want a piece of gear shifting and short circuiting the battery.
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