HB neon orange dead blow hammer - storage beware

Purchased this awesome piece of kit to help drive in tent stakes in the fall after struggling to get them secure on a trip that had us set up over some rocky terrain.

Hammer has lived in one of my totes with other essential gear for camp.

Got in to this tote yesterday to start squaring things away for upcoming trip - everything in that tote smells like its been soaking in gas for the last few months!

The hammer is putting off the most serious fumes so its sitting outside in the sun/weather. Everything else is out and hopefully will air out enough. Greatest loss would be hammock and two good ponchos.

Beware with storing these hammers.


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I have a rock crawling buddy that broke some "extreme duty" sponsored parts at KOH a couple of years back. He claimed he should have known not to run them when the cosmoline wrapping paper smelled just like the inside of a Harbor Freight store! Being in the automotive business, I've seen more than one Harbor Freight deadblow hammer explode the housing and all of those little Chinese bearings coming flying right into what ever engine/transmission or other delicate piece of machinery you were working on.
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