Group Buy Round Two: American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo

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In support of Tread Lightly and our community's commitment to keeping trails open and our lands clean, and with the trail cleanup at SoCal Desert Rendezvous coming up, we are producing a second round of the American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo to ensure we can pack out what we pack in!


Shipped price to all 50 states is $70 ($50+$20 flat rate shipping and handling).

Local pick up price (SoCal) is $50, you meet me for pickup.

Color Options: Black, Green or Tan.

Logos are the "original" black and white round AAV logo pictured above!

This group buy closes 15 January 2015, payment due at time of posting.

How do you get one? Follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Post in this thread with your SCREEN NAME and the color you want - Black, Green or Tan.

2. Go to the PayPal button at the bottom of this screen and send your money. Please add 3% for the PayPal fee.

3. SEND ME A PM with your shipping info to ensure I have the correct info in a timely fashion.

3. Get your AAV Edition Trasharoo when they arrive!

Trasharoo said:
There isn't a single one of us who is against the "Tread Lightly" philosophy, and many of us pack out our own trash, but how many of us pick up trash when we see it? Or, how often do we end up with some nasty burrito or sandwich wrapper in the vehicle and end up smelling it for the rest of the trip? Trash should be kept outside where we can't smell it, it can't drip on interior parts, and there should be more than enough room in a trash bag for what you bring and what ever you might find and want to pick up. The problem is, hanging a X-gallon Hefty bag off the back of your vehicle doesn't work too well, one bump and its gone; and the old-style canvas bags that many of us are fond of flop around back there- damaging paint, and sometimes dropping more trash than they hold. Enter the Trasharoo.
Trasharoo said:
trasharoo layered.jpg

With high-quality wide buckles, denier nylon, a heavy-duty attachment to your existing external spare tire, and positive-closing cover, you can haul away all the trash you accumulate in a weekend and maybe even make the trails a little cleaner as you go, without having to turn the inside of your rig into a garbage can.
There are unlimited uses for the Trasharoo bag:

-Storing your wet suit or surfing gear
-Storing your muddy hunting waders/gear
-Keeping childrens diapers outside the car (odor)
-Hauling a light bundle of firewood or charcoal to camp
-Storing your recovery gear (straps-d-shackles etc)
-Hauling dirty sports equipment to the field (soccer balls etc)
-Great not only for 4x4's but RV's, Toyhaulers and 5th wheel travel trailers!
-Use on the back of your ATV
-Use as a bug out back pack if you become stranded
-Carry sleeping bags in it on the way to camp
... and more!

Tread lightly colour logo.jpg
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American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo paid order list:

1. OutdoorX4 - Tan - Paid Shipped
2. Phulcrum - Tan - Paid Local Delivered
3. AOMIlls - Black - Paid Shipped
4. Zam15 - Black - Paid Local Deliver DRV
5. Dave Pullen - Black - Paid Shipped
6. SFSmedic - Tan - Paid Local Deliver DRV
7. Merito - Black - Paid Shipped
8. Tacomeh - Black - Paid Shipped
9. 100acrehumpalump - Green - Paid Shipped
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Hey Dave, I'll take one in Black. Payment sent. I'll pick it up from you in person on the next outing. Thanks!
I wish I could do this, but my experience with Paypal has never been good. Maybe you'll have an extra at the expo in May. I'll pay you in valuable (ha) greenbacks or Silver coin. If not I'll still take a big white sticker for my new FWC Hawk.
Tacomah - Black
Thanks! i'll have to figure out a way to hang it off the tail gate, but this will be better than our home depot bucket.
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