GREAT WHITE BUFFALO (2016 carli cummins build)

Hey guys, we are currently traveling south through Baja California. We are traveling with a group of 6 vehicles, all truck campers, and one smaller RV. Our initial plan is to make it all the way to Cabo and slowly make our way back. We will try to update this as we can with photos and we will eventually add videos as they come out later as well. This is our first trip to Baja with a vehicle and we are pretty excited!

These will be our accommodations for the trip. A 1974 truck camper borrowed from a good friend, it has a small solar panel, one 12 volt house battery, and a cassette toilet.
We entered through Calexico. Then headed straight though to San Felipe.
The first night we stayed at a campground to get caught up stock up on groceries, the views were great. IMG_0702.jpg
After Bay Of LA we headed south and stayed at Guerrero Negro for a couple of nights.

Then we carried on south yet again to Mulege, this has by far been our favorite town yet. Also, our camping spot was just outside of town, free and epic!

Then we thought it would be a great idea to drive on the beach and get " Some cool drone shots..." The wife went a little too far and we had a great time getting ourselves unstuck.
IMG_1889 (1).jpg

Maxx Trax and another vehicle were required to get us out! We got the drone shot though and the wife learned a lot in the process.
Our first video is live on our YouTube channel. In this one, we give you a tour of the caper and our Safari LT power setup. Cross the border and make it all the way down to San Felipe.

After La Paz we headed to the small coastal town of Todos Santos where we watched them release baby sea turtles and camped on the beach for a few nights.

The truck campers were great, it allowed us to be super mobile. All of us were working remotely throughout the trip. This day we hit a coffee shop in town.

We eventually made it to Cabo where we opted for a resort for a few days. We are all fulltime RVers back in the states so it was nice to get a vacation from our rigs/trailers.
We made it south to Bahia Concepcion, the middle section of Baja California. The truck Camper has been a great change for this type of trip. You are not going to want to miss Bahia Concepcion. Continuing our journey south we cross into Baja California Sur. The group reunites and we stay a few nights in Bahia conception at Playa Santispac. This paid dry camping location offers quite a bit. They have palapas for shade and a windbreak. The beach is beautiful, there are many vendors around for food and gifts. With our stay, a local vendor drops off kayaks and we go for a sunrise morning hike.

Hey guys we recently took our new overland trailer out for its first test run and the truck out into the Glamis sand dunes. We had a great time even though we got stuck! We hope you enjoy the pictures and video.

Here is a video of the adventure as well.



We purchased a Thuren Fabrication axle truss for our 2016 Ram 2500, this video will show the step-by-step process that goes into installing something like this. Adding an axle truss to the front axle will give it strength over time so it will not bend. This is a very important upgrade for any offroader, prerunner or overlander.


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