GREAT WHITE BUFFALO (2016 carli cummins build)

RV UPGRADES! Our RV solar system is getting a much needed upgrade. After full time RV living for almost 3 months with our current solar setup, we quickly realized our solar system needs more POWER!

RV life is more enjoyable and easier with friends. In this video we are caravaning with our friends Jason and Rae from Getaway Couple and Jared and Rebekah from @rebekahandjared who recommend extra solar panels for the roof of our RV. They even stick around to help us with the install! We add an additional 400 watts of solar to our system, powered by Lion Energy, so we can boondock even longer with no worries about generating enough battery power, even on rainy days! If you enjoyed this video please make sure you hit that like button and SUBSCRIBE!

We are full time RV living in Lava Hot Springs Idaho. In this travel vlog we decide to float the Portneuf River with some fellow RVers. Providing information about floating, costs and transportation. Boondocking near the Portneuf River in Idaho, we venture out on a warm summers day for some river tubing. The town of Lava Hot Springs is located a couple miles from our boondocking location and 35 minutes from Pocatello Idaho. The Portneuf River flows right through the town of Lava Hot Springs. The town has many vendors, renting tubes and also providing shuttle options. We opt to bring our own tubes and make the short walk for a few floats. We hope you enjoy this video, don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button!

In this running vlog, we go into detail about a recent personal accomplishment. It's a story about how Jesse ran a solo marathon with support from our RV community! Finding RV community on the road through Xscapers has been the best part of RVing. For my 34th birthday, I decided to take on the task of running my first ever marathon. That's 26.2 miles unassisted, with the moral support from my wife Melissa and our friends. Hopefully you find inspiration from this video! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!

Jackson Wyoming is a great little town! In this travel vlog we explore the Jackson Hole Wyoming area. Activities include sight seeing, shopping, and eating lunch at Liberty Burger. We even find some moose! Still recovering from his birthday marathon, Jesse is riding the struggle bus! We treat the day as though it's still his birthday so he buys new Bedrock Sandals at Teton Mountaineering. It also happens to be our 10 year anniversary. Make sure you stick around till the end for fun facts about Jackson! Thanks for watching, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Let's face it, as full time RVers, we know mistakes comes with the with the RV lifestyle. In this video we break down our biggest RV mistakes on boondocking, travel, must-have accessories and much more!

RV boondocking is a fantastic way to camp, but it's often where silly mistakes happen. Have a new trailer or truck? Make sure you have the fifth wheel or trailer rigged up correctly or it will cost you. Stinky RV toilet? Don't put up with it, get a new seal!

We hope you enjoy this video and learn something new so you don't make the same mistakes we did! Don't forget to subscribe!

Yellowstone National Park vlog! This is going to be one of many travel vlogs about Yellowstone Wyoming area. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is one of the most iconic stops inside this National Park. Full time RV living leads us to a beautiful RV boondocking location just outside West Yellowstone Montana. Early on a Saturday morning we decide to take a day trip into this amazing National Park. The priority being seeing the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This is what the RV lifestyle is all about, please don't forget to subscribe and give this video a like!

RV cooking simplified! Camping meals can be very similar to meals at home. Since full time RV living for over a year, we have discovered a few shopping, planning and organization tips for RV kitchens. RV living is not always so different from normal life! We still shop and cook delicious meals on a daily basis. We decided to put together some tips and tricks for you to use when heading to the grocery store, organizing your RV fridge, plus some tips and our favorite products for cooking out of your RV. We hope you enjoy this video. Please don't forget to subscribe!

Another Yellowstone vlog! This video is all about the top 5 reasons you need to visit Yellowstone National Park! Full-time RV living made it easy to spend a few weeks here and discover things we LOVE.

While RV Boondocking in Idaho just 40 minutes away from this National Park, we were able to drive into Yellowstone several times over the course of two weeks. Volcanic activity, wildlife, scenic drives, and more are some of the many reasons to visit Yellowstone, Wyoming. We really hope you enjoy this video and learn something new! If you'd like to support our channel, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

In these crazy times, more people focus on living intentionally. With the growth of online-based jobs, it's easier to become a digital nomad and live minimally. Is van life the solution? Join us on this tour!

In this video, we do our first ever van tour, with our good friends Rebecca and Dylan. They hit the road a few months ago with the intention of rock climbing daily and living simply out of their converted van. Purchasing a 2020 Ford 350 for the purpose of a van conversion, they hired Patavans in Boulder, Colorado to build out their van and allow them to focus on the simple things in life! This is van life!

While RV boondocking near Grand Teton National Park, we explore this amazing park for the first time. The National Park Service keeps this park pristine and there is so much to see and do! Full time RV living has allowed us to explore the beautiful Grand Teton National Park at our own pace. We compiled a list of our top 5 activities to do in this beautiful area north of Jackson Wyoming. The Tetons have a little bit of everything, from mild to wild. Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park is our favorite! We really hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

In this Yellowstone vlog, we talk about some major things you should know before you go! Living the RV lifestyle has allowed us to travel all over the country, we now have a good feel for this National Park.

Yellowstone National Park is an incredible national park, there are many Bison, Elk, and even bear. Before you head-on into the park, there's much you need to know and why you might not want to visit Yellowstone National Park. In this video, we talk about all of the negatives that come along with such a popular National Park. Please don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button!

We are on a California getaway! Located in the Owens Valley beside HWY 395, Mono Lake is a strange sight to see. Mono Lake, one of the oldest lakes in North America, is famous for its tufa and bird watching. In this travel vlog, we take you to Mono Lake California within the northernmost district of Inyo National Forest. The Eastern Sierras house many incredible sights to see. We start out at the boardwalk on the northern side of the lake. Then we head over to Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Visitor center, eventually ending up on the shores of Mono Lake at Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve. We really hope you enjoy the video, don't forget to subscribe.

In this video, we take our tow rig offroad. Our Ram 2500 was originally bought and built for Overlanding. Over the past year, it's been towing our 5th wheel toy hauler all around America. This is full time RV living!

About 1.5 years ago we took the leap and decided to start living our lives differently. Bought a fifth wheel and hit the open road, our Ram was originally built with a different purpose in mind. Overall it does great in both fields. Come along as we hit the 395 HWY and do some 4x4 in the Eastern Sierras. We really hope you enjoy the journey, don't forget to subscribe!

This travel vlog has a little bit of everything. RVing in a dispersed camping area often brings unwanted critters. We finally catch a mouse in our fifth wheel and have an eventful travel day.
The day starts off with an unwanted mouse in our fifth wheel. We try to keep a clean and secure house but they still find a way in. Then it's time to move on, stopping at an RV dump station along the way. We provide some tips when dumping your RV and filling your freshwater. Picking a VERY remote RV boondocking location might have been a bad idea, when we arrive the spot is taken! We hope you enjoy the video. Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

The Mojave Road is an old desert trail that cuts directly across the Mojave Desert. Taking Overlanding trucks on this road makes for a great bachelor party. This trip report is what we experienced along the trail. Our group of friends has successfully completed the Mojave Road multiple times. The dress code theme varies each and every time. We camp along the trail for two nights and stay in a hotel in Laughlin Nevada for one night. We hope you enjoy this fun video of Overlanding in our Prelanders. Don't forget to subscribe.

How to Change RAM Cummins 2500 Differential Fluid. In this video, we show you how to change your axel fluid in your RAM 2500 or 3500 truck. From start to finish this how-to will save you time and money.

RAM trucks are popular for the RV/towing world. Our Dodge RAM 2500 has been very reliable and we plan on keeping it that way. We use Valvoline differential fluid and the RAM 2500/3500 pan gaskets are reusable. Save yourself money and watch this video. We hope you will find this video helpful. Don't forget to subscribe!

As we go dispersed camping on BLM land we decide to discuss our thoughts on car camping vs RV living. Both methods of camping have their own pros and cons.

Overlanding camping (car camping) is great because it allows you to get off the beaten path on to offroad trails and more remote camping locations. RV camping allows you to bring everything with you, we have been on the road fulltime for over 1.5 years and absolutely love it. While most fulltime RVers opt for RV parks and campgrounds there is another option. That is boondocking, probably the closest you can get to off grid with your motorhome or travel trailer. We hope you enjoy this vlog. Don't forget to subscribe!

In this full time RV living travel vlog we are finally back on the road as fulltime RVers. Spending the summer in Southern California with friends and family we are excited to hit the road. Our remote jobs allow us to hit the road in our 5th wheel. Heading towards Arizona for one last family get together we stop off at Barstow CA not even long enough to bother unhitching our fifth wheel toyhauler. Then we arrive at Pirate's Cove Resort and Marina where we have the luxury of a full hook up RV site. Living out of an RV fulltime has allowed us to travel all over the country, come along as we get back on the road.

Boondocking near The Mojave Road for an RV Halloween. In this travel vlog/trip report we are RV living with good friends in the California desert. Costumes, pumpkin carving, and trick or treating for Halloween 2020.

Meeting up in the Mojave National Preserve for boondocking has never been so much fun. We start the weekend by towing out a few stuck RVs and 5th wheels. Then we take to the Overland trucks to explore Afton Canyon and end up at Spooky Canyon. Exploring slot canyons is a fun hobby for the adventure seeker! We round out the weekend with all the kids trick or treating at the RV camp. We hope you enjoy the video, don't forget to subscribe!

Long term travel comes with surprises. In this RVing travel vlog we are headed south from Las Vegas NV to Tucson AZ. Along the way, our 5th wheel has a minor issue. Full time rv living brings its own problems and issues. As we prepare for a travel day we realized that our fifth wheel toy hauler has a flat tire. It's quite a disappointment because the trailer has brand new tires! This boondocking location in Nevada was littered with trash and we picked up a rusty nail. We hope you enjoy our journey to Tucson. Don't forget to subscribe!

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