GREAT WHITE BUFFALO (2016 carli cummins build)

This is RV living on our Adventure Endeavor! Travel days are typically a fun day, but moving can be a bit stressful unless you plan ahead. We try to scout out camp locations, dump stations and cell signal.

Planning is key to an easy RV moving day. Traveling is a lot of fun but certain parts can be stressful, so we try to skip the stress and do a little advanced homework when possible. This includes scouting out our new potential camp location. Check the road conditions, entries, and exits in boondocking locations. Make sure there is an easy(ish) plan for dumping and filling the rig. And of course check the cellular signals before arriving with the whole rig! We hope you enjoy this video and get some great value out of it! Don't forget to subscribe!

Pros and cons of renting vs selling your home! RV Living requires many major decisions. We are by no means experts, but we put together this video to help you decide which is right for you!

We have been living the RV life for over a year now, but there were a lot of major decisions to make when we first got started. The biggest of all was whether to rent out our home or sell it. There are many pros and cons for each scenario which we discuss for you in this video. We present our opinions for your consideration before you decide which is right for you! Please make sure you subscribe and if you find this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up!

We hit some trails while boondocking near Flagstaff, Arizona. Making sure to keep our distance from friends, we head to a nearby 4x4 trail and end up finding more than we thought! This is full time RV living at it's best!

Once again we find ourselves in the snow, but that's OK with us! Being from sunny Southern California, snow is a welcomed occurrence! We also come across another giant pile of trash in the middle of the forest. Of course we couldn't just leave it there, so we load it up and take another load of trash to the dump! We hope you enjoy this video. Please be sure to subscribe.

What is the best RV for full time travel? It's complicated, so we break down travel trailers vs motorhomes vs 5th wheels. There are so many pros and cons, it becomes an overwhelming decision!

There is no one right answer because everyone has different needs. We try to compile information that can help you make an informed decision. These are our opinions and obviously you can tell we might be a little biased. We went with a 5th wheel for various reasons, but have considered many other options as well! Thanks for watching, let us know if we left anything out and of course don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Well, the title says it all. We tried but failed attempt to hike the tallest mountain in Arizona, Humphreys Peak, near Flagstaff. Full time RV travel creates chances for new activities on a regular basis.

It's OK to fail because that's how we learn. Albert Einstein famously said, "Failure is success in progress." We learned we definitely need to step up our mountaineering/snow gear game if we want to keep hiking in snow! It can be tough living full time in an RV with limited space for different types of gear, but the trade off is this lifestyle provides several opportunities to be in locations where we can try new activities all the time! The biggest disappointment is that we weren't even tired at the point we decided to turn around, but we made the safe decision given the situation we were in. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe!

Off roading our tow rig is one of our favorite past times! Camping near the Cinder Hills OHV area, we head out for a weekend trail ride. Flagstaff Arizona is a great area if you love full time RV living!
Cinder Hills OHV area is just outside Flagstaff, AZ. There are many volcanic cinder cones and craters in the area, including Sunset Crater National Monument. The combination of ponderosa pine forest and volcanic sand dunes make the area incredibly unique and like nothing we have seen before. Our tow rig is built for this, with aftermarket Carli suspension, King shocks and 35" tires. It just keeps on ticking!. Hopefully you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe!

A typical RV travel day! We have some minor issues which remind us full time RV living is not always fun. Moving day in an RV is when you find out what is broken, or you actually break something else!

In this video we are on the move again! With many states beginning to lift stay-at-home orders, more places are starting to open up so we decide to seek cooler weather. Finally leaving Flagstaff Arizona, we head north towards Page, Arizona and eventually make it to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. We break our camera before we even take off but we make the best of it with fun stops along the way. We hope you like this video. Please don't forget to subscribe!

The best hike in Bryce Canyon National Park! While full time RV living we stop over near Bryce Canyon for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we have a pet emergency and Mel hikes Bryce solo. RV living has it's ups and downs. When we arrive at our new boondocking location our 11 year old dog Blue hurts his back severely. Living in an RV means we are not always close to emergency services, so we must drive 2 hours to the nearest 24 hour vet. The following day I decide to stay home to take care of our pup, while Melissa goes for a hike on Peek A Boo Trail. We hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe!

RV internet? In this video we show you our mobile internet setup for full time RV living. Our RV internet has gone through many phases. This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution but has worked well for us! How to get WiFi for an RV? Redundancy! To ensure we can camp at the best locations and still stay connected for work, we have multiple connectivity options and you should too! We are by no means experts, this is just a bit of advice and things to look out for! Please make sure you hit that subscribe button.

Biking Thunder Mountain trail in Bryce Canyon National Park! I take a solo trip mountain biking this famous trail. I turn it into a long loop through Red Canyon on the public bike path. RV living allows us to explore way more than living in a sticks and bricks. I start out by taking a couple dirt roads from our camp in Dixie National Forest. At the trailhead, I realize the trail is rated as difficult. Venturing on this ride alone, I make sure to take my time and have a fun day. Hope you all enjoy this video, don't forget to subscribe!

In this video we showing you some things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park! First, we start the day off nice and early at Sunrise Point. Then after a quick 5K, we take advantage of Bryce Canyon's scenic drive. There is no better way to start off a day than an amazing sunrise at Sunrise Point. With a temperature of just 38 degrees F, the view was well worth braving the cold! Then after completing our Xscapers Virtual 5K on the Bryce bike path, we head back into Bryce Canyon National Park to complete the scenic drive. We really hope you enjoy this video, don't forget to subscribe!

RV upgrades. In this video we list our top 5 additions to our RV that make life so much easier! Making full time RV living easier will make it more fun, save you time, and save money. These upgrades are in no particular order. We rate them all equally and they all enhance our RVing experience.

This is a fun one, we crashed the drone yet again! Near Escalante Utah, we go hiking and explore Willis Creek Slot Canyon. A giant slot canyon in Southern Utah that has formed over thousands of years.

While RV boondocking just outside Bryce Canyon National Park we decide to take a drive towards Escalante Utah to explore a majestic slot canyon. The drive in is quite bumpy but do-able in a normal car. When we arrive, we are shocked to see how many people are there. We take a few hours hiking and exploring the area, and decide it might be time to invest in a new drone. Hope you enjoy the video, and don't forget to subscribe!

RV life can be tough. A few weeks ago it was very rough for our older puppy Blue. In this video we give an update on his health condition and share some RV pet safety tips we've learned on the road. When full time RV living there are a few things you can do to keep your pet safe. From the tech savvy suggestions to simpler things like knowing the area, where vets are located, and being aware of animals or insects that can hurt your pets. We also update you on our own pup's health condition. We hope you find this video useful! Don't forget to subscribe!

Canyoneering? In this video we go hiking in Escalante, Utah inside two beautiful slot canyons, Peek-A-Boo and Spooky. We explore the surrounding area with friends while full time RV living near Bryce Canyon. INFO↡↡↡

RV life gets us out into the wild pretty often. This time we pile into three cars and head to Peek A Boo Canyon and Spooky Canyon near Escalante, Utah. The trail starts off simple and easy but it is very exposed with little shade. Then the fun starts as we begin our ascent into Peek A Boo Canyon and end the trail on Spooky Canyon. Hope you all enjoy this video, this trail is a must see. Bring plenty of water! Make sure you subscribe and give this video a thumbs up!
Lion Energy Facility Tour! In this video we're showing you what we think are the best Lithium Ion batteries for full time RV living. We've used Lion Energy LiFePO4 batteries for RV travel for 3 months & are very impressed!

We had a great experience with Lion Energy and their customer service, so we decided to become affiliates. We happened to be in American Fork, Utah so we toured the Lion Energy showroom and warehouse. After getting the run-down on all their portable energy products and talking with Steven, we’ve solidified our relationship with Lion Energy. Their products, customer service, and warranty are all top-notch! We are very happy to be part of the team. If you are interested in picking up any Lion Energy products for your RV boondocking, boat, off-grid cabin, overlanding vehicle, or tent camping needs, use the code Adventure15 to save yourself 15%. We hope you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe!
Virtual Hike in Springtime to Battle Creek Falls Trail. RV Life brings Melissa to the family and dog-friendly Salt Lake City Utah hiking trail to Battle Creek Falls and beyond! In this travel vlog, Melissa leaves Jesse behind and goes out for an adventure endeavor with the girls! The hike to Battle Creek Falls is an easy one mile from the parking lot. Beyond the falls, the narrow trail continues along the creek, up a VERY steep hillside, into alpine territory. This hike is full of small and large waterfalls, huge dandelions, and tons of shale. If you enjoy this video, please subscribe to our channel!

In this video we're making our Andersen fifth wheel hitch fit in a short bed truck with a low-profile pickup truck tool box. RV life goes hand-in-hand with minimalism so it's important to get organized!

With full time RV living, it's critical to get your RV and all belongings organized. It just makes everything easier! We've had the Andersen fifth wheel hitch for over 8 months and it's the perfect solution to our short-bed truck clearance issues. Knowing we wanted to keep the Andersen hitch, we worried a toolbox would be a tight fit. We hope you enjoy this video. Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

In this travel vlog it's another RV travel day. After boondocking near Salt Lake City, we pack up and head north, seeking cooler weather. Along the way we run into issues and break basic RV travel guidelines. MORE INFO ⤸⤸⤸

There are a few rules for RV living travel days. Don't drive past 3PM, more than 300 miles in a day or 3 hours total. Well, our work schedule gets in the way and unfortunately we have to break the rules. Learn from our mistakes! We hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for watching and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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