GREAT WHITE BUFFALO (2016 carli cummins build)

Wow where has the time gone! The past year has been amazing but it was not without it's trials and tribulations. Rv Living is very rewarding but at the same time lot's of work.

Rv Newbie? You should defiantly watch this video before you get into full-time RV Living. We have learned so much in the past year and thought it would be great to put all the information into one video. Talking about the highs & low's, the do's and don'ts and overall what Rv life is all about. Hopefully this video brings you some value, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and turn on the notifications!
This video we cover everything about Kernville California, from hiking, mountain biking, fishing, rafting and even skiing. Great boondocking locations and great campgrounds as well.
We have been going to the Kern River Valley/Lake Isabella area for a long time now, it's the gateway to the southern sierra's! While we were in Kern for Whiskey Flat Days we decided to share our knowledge of the area and take you on a tour. This area is an outdoor paradise with year round activities. Whiskey Flat Days is one of the most popular festivals in Southern California. This festival takes place in Kernville (Formerly Whiskey Flats), Where the town is taken over with vendors, carnival, rodeo, a parade and even a wild west encampment. Hope you enjoy the video and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE!
This video is all about reviewing our 2016 RAM 2500 and all the towing/off road modifications we have done to it. This is our version of a Power Wagon/AEV Prospector/Tow rig.

Now that we have owned our RAM 2500 Cummins turbo diesel for almost 4 years we though it would be a great time to review it and show everyone our towing and off road setup. Plus we have been getting many questions, we thought it would be great to put all of the information into one place. This truck build is all about compromise and getting the best of both worlds, towing and great off road performance. Our truck has gone through many phases and with almost 75k on the odometer it has seen all different types of terrain. We share our reasons for choosing a RAM 2500 over a Power Wagon or AEV Prospector. Hope you enjoy the video, Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
In this video we show you how to change your both of your fuel filters on your RAM 6.7 Cummins. These fuel filters are fairly easy to swap out and you can save money by doing it yourself. This job consists of two separate filters. One located in the engine bay and the other located in the rear of the truck above the drive shaft. We love doing our own maintenance because we know that it's done right and we save money. If this video is helpful please make sure you SUBSCRIBE and give it a thumbs up.
The Eastern Sierra region of California is a special place. Home to places like Mount Whitney, Reward Mine and Alabama Hills, there multiple hot springs, high alpine peaks, and great fishing.
In this video we show you why you need to go to this region of California. Camping at the base of the Eastern Sierras we drive up Whitney Portal road, Hike to the bottom of Reward Mine and even rescue a stuck Toyota pickup truck. Don't forget get to do your part and leave no trace. We cleaned up multiple bags of trash around the area. Hope you enjoy this video!

While in the Eastern Sierras we go over our free camping/boondocking RV tips and proper etiquette. The guidelines that we tend to stick with when we are looking for boondocking and once you arrive.The major concerns to keep in mind.

Our 10 rules or guidelines that we try to follow as best as possible. Obviously there are many things that can come up or change. We have been following these rules for quite a while now and it has defiantly helped keep us safe and have a great experience.

Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp is located in the Owens Valley just north of Lone Pine California. Rv living allows us to explore this country on our time and terms.
Rounding out our long weekend in the Eastern Sierras we head over to Manzanar National Historic Site was once the home of over 10,000 Japaneses Americans that were rounded up during WW2. The museum has many exhibits, videos and recollections. This museum is full of history and leaves us a little uneasy. We hope you enjoy this video, please make sure you subscribe.
Hiking Southern California has always been a favorite past time of ours. In this video we head to the local Santa Monica Mountains to hike Boney Peak! We encounter rain, steep eroded trails and even get lost!
While hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains near Newbury Park we come across some rough terrain. The trail ends up having some light climbing. With rain showers and even getting lost for a second, this is a video you will not want to miss. Dont forget to subscribe!
Why we live in a Rv? This video we will tell you how we started RV travel. We always thought Rv Living was a great way to see the country but we quickly realized there was so much more to it. This is our story. Rv Living has been a great experience for us. We have fallen in love with this community and thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know how our journey started. Defiantly have had our ups and downs, we think our story is pretty unique. Everyone starts for their own reasons this is ours. Hope you enjoy the video and please do not forget to subscribe!

Do you know about the abandoned Nazi camp in Los Angeles? It's called Murphy Ranch is a ranch built in a canyon near Los Angeles in the 1930s by anti-semitic sympathizers.
Come along as we take the 4 mile hike into Rustic Canyon to explore the old ruins. The area has been covered with vibrant graffiti that almost makes the area feel like a walking art show. Some of the older buildings have been destroyed but there is still a lot intact. Enjoy the video and please subscribe.
RV living vs living in a house? We finally dive into what we miss the most about living in our sticks and bricks. Fulltime RV travel is amazing but there are 5 major things that bug us from time to time.

There are definitely some pros and cons. In this video we tell you the 5 things we miss the most. It was a hard list to compile, considering we do not miss much. It might seem like some simple things, but when you live in your RV fulltime, they can take their toll. We definitely took these things for granted! We hope you like the video and please make sure you SUBSCRIBE!

What is social distancing? RV living can be tough. Dealing with isolation while living in a RV can be even harder. After almost 6 days we decided to go out and explore with friends, while keeping our distance!

Right now keeping our distance is very important to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It's completely changed the way we think, travel and live daily life. Heading out to the desert to explore, we talk about precautions we are taking to stay safe and avoid contact with others while still trying to maintain a bit of adventure. Hope you like the video and please SUBSCRIBE.

Coping with loneliness & isolation can be tough when RV living. Life on the road can take a toll on your mental health if you are not careful. We've been taking steps to get comfortable with isolation. Here are our tips for you!

We experienced some loneliness even before the mandated self-quarantine protocols due to corona virus. But the bright side is that has actually helped prepare us for this situation. We talk about everything from a good diet and exercise to maintaining a regular routine to protect our mental health. Most of all, a healthy dose of positivity and optimism is the best thing to have when feeling lonely. Hope you all enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe!

How to stay fit while on the road. Fulltime RV living is a great way to live, now try to keeping up with your fitness routine. We talk through what has worked for us over the last year.

Fitness is extremely important for mental and physical health. Over the past year we have come up with a system that seems to work well while constantly moving around the country. Using some personal home equipment, online resources and various facilities.

RV solar! We finally installed solar panels on our toy hauler. Full time RV living is so much easier with solar. It's definitely not cheap but is a great investment, especially if you love boondocking.

If you have been watching the channel for a while you know that we had a solar system installed on our last rig (Keystone Cougar). We swapped rigs over the summer and acquired a toy hauler with a built-in Cummins Onan 5500 generator. This has made it possible for us to boondock without solar and save up money for our full solar install. In the video we talk about lithium vs lead acid batteries, where we went to get the panels installed, and show you all the basics of our system. Hope you enjoy and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Our top 10 movies with RVs! RV movies are super entertaining, especially when you're a fulltime RVer. RV Living has it's ups and downs, right now we have a LOT of down time so we put together this top 10 list!

Lately we have found ourselves with a quite a bit of spare time due to nationwide stay-at-home and self-quarantine orders. We decided to spend that time watching and compiling a top 10 list of OUR favorite RV related movies. Make sure you stick around for a bonus at the end! We really hope you enjoy this video and hope it gives you some ideas for how to fill that spare time! Like always, please make sure you subscribe!

We needed to get outside! While self isolating at our new spot in Flagstaff Arizona we decided to take a day trip drive to Sycamore Canyon. RV living has been great, but we needed a break from the trailer and Netflix. While dispersed camping near Flagstaff Arizona has been great, getting outside has been essential. After filling our water, dumping our tanks and loading up on groceries we were ready for another 2 weeks of social isolation. deciding to get out and explore the area we take a drive to Sycamore Canyon, the second largest canyon in Arizona. Obviously second to the Grand Canyon. It's a wild wet time, many muddy roads and a couple water crossings to get there. Later in the day the weather turns on us while exploring JD Cabin near White Horse Lake. We hope you enjoy this video and are staying safe during these tough times. Don't forget to subscribe!

First time RV buyers, watch this! The truth is that there is no perfect RV. RV living can be fun, exciting and stressful. Especially when you are shopping for your first rig.

Melissa and I have been full-time RV living for about 1.5 years and we have already switched our rig! When you start out you do your best to research, study and weigh out all the pros and cons. After just 6 months of RV life we realized that our Keystone Cougar was not working out for us and decided to upgrade to a Keystone Carbon Toy Hauler. When working and living in an RV full-time you realize quickly what works and what doesn't! We hope you enjoy this video and gain some value from it. Please SUBSCRIBE and let us know your thoughts.

Hiking in Sedona, AZ is just what we needed to get us out of the RV for a few hours. Fulltime RV living allows us to hike in incredible new locations. We are Adventure Endeavor, thanks for tuning in!
While hunkering down near Flagstaff, Arizona we decide to head a bit South to warmer weather and go for a day hike. We decide on Mount Wilson because this trail offers unparalleled views of Sedona and the red rocks. It's a 10 mile out and back hike from Midgley Bridge. Thanks for coming along, we hope you enjoy this video. Don't forget to subscribe!

LEAVE NO TRACE. Dispersed camping and RV living go hand in hand. We do our best to keep our public lands clean. Hopefully you find this video inspiring and share it with your friends.

While boondocking just outside Flagstaff, Arizona we start to realize there are large amounts of trash dumped in the surrounding area. On a daily basis we pick up what we can and throw it away when we venture in to the local grocery store. But we find ourselves wanting to clean up even more so we contact the local ranger station to ask if we can bring in a big load of trash and use their dumpsters.

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