GREAT WHITE BUFFALO (2016 carli cummins build)

Our life shifted a few months ago, we sold the flippac, decked and installed a 5th wheel hitch. The truck has basically remained the same except for the fact that we picked up a used Softtopper that we use when the 5th wheel is not hooked up. The Vlog below shows our purchase of the Softtopper in Lake Havasu city.

Our life has shifted for the better, less stress, less finical worries and more living. I understand that this might not be the correct crowd for our new journey but I figure there might be some people still interested in what we are doing. Even though we might not be the typical Expedition/offroaders/overlanders we are on an amazing journey that has opened up this beautiful country. I plan to post up some of our favorite Vlogs.
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This was a fun few days, Saguaro National Park, Bisbee AZ and Tombstone. This was actually the first time I took the truck out offroad. The trails in the area were amazing smooth and fast, reall cool that our truck can tow 17,000 lbs and still get it done on the trail.


Headin' south we leave our boondockers welcome in Seguin TX. We head to the Gulf of Mexico where we camp on the beach in Port Aransas near Mustang Island. We get the truck in the sand, do our part in cleaning the beach, help a fellow RVer. Check it out let me know what you think!
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In this Vlog the truck gets some new Falkin AT3 All Terrains! Also a pretty sweet tire montage! Disappointed with Whataburger, we also explore Roswell New Mexico and the International UFO Museum.
This was a great time, difficult to find offroading locations in TX. We take the truck for some maintenance and a Drive in! When was the last time you went to a drive in!!!! Let us know they are dissappearing.


Lots of interest on Youtube and Instagram about our Vlog's from members. So from now on I'll be posting our Vlog's here as well hopefully that's alright with everyone! If you have any question's about the truck or our adventure please let me know!

Full-Time RV life in New Orleans Louisiana we explore the French Quarter, get beignets at Cafe Du Monde, round out the night high above Bourbon street. The next morning we are back at it with a guided tour at St. Louis Cemetery, enjoy some alligator on a stick and dip our feet in the Mississippi River.
Full-Time RV life in New Orleans Louisiana we drive south for an airboat tour with Louisiana Tour Company. Seeing many Alligators and getting caught in a thunderstorm. As we return to our Keystone Cougar 5th wheel we find out our Labrador retriever (Blue) destroyed it.


Full-Time RV life in Louisiana we check into our new Rv resort Ponche Plantation in between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. While there we explore the Mississippi River and Oak Alley Plantation. The truck has been getting a lot of DD miles averaging 19MPG without the trailer!!

We are nearing the end of our time in New Orleans Louisiana. We go into New Orleans for the Garden District and the National World War Museum. Also a quick stop at Cabelas, who doesn't love Cabelas!
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