great news today

Today round #4 of 1 of 2 chemo treatments. Today anti body & chemo today 4 1\2 hours of cocktails which "I" call my treatments. While receiving my treatments this morning my Oncologists said he has remarkable news on last weeks CT Scan, some of my cancer mass has shrunk "3 times smaller" in size than the last CT Scan, other infect cancerous areas also shrunk "over 2 times smaller" in size from the same CT Scan, other wise my chemo treatments is killing the cancer in lymph nodes & removing over 70% infectious area around my coelom or "membrane" I call it in my body lower cavity.
I have a 20 minute chemo treatment tomorrow then 4 week from today is my next treatments, then 4 week from today is my next treatments. March will be my last treatments then another CT Scan in Apirl 2020.
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