GoPro or something else?

Looking to take photos in a very specific situation. While on the motorcycle I often spot things I'd like to capture, but taking the time to dismount the bike, remove various protective gear and pull out a camera is off putting. Sometimes it's just not possible due to location or traffic. But, in my mind, if I can see it I could capture it with a GoPro attached to my helmet and one of their fancy remotes...


Up until now I've been very uninterested in a GoPro thanks to the endless riding videos on YouTube that are nothing more than an hour of unedited footage of a guy looking through the corners and leaning. But this still capture option is intriguing. Is there something better than a GoPro for this? I'm not looking to submit these to NatGeo...just capture for myself and some social media sharing with friends.

Thoughts? Anyone using this sort of setup for image capture?


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Image quality of the GoPro is fine.

Their software is annoying. For a while there you had to be logged into your account to control the camera from the phone. That required an internet connection.

That meant exactly what you would think. If you were in an area that had no cell service with data and you signed out because, I don't know, you turned off you phone to save the battery so you can remotely trigger the camera. You were stuck looking at a user id and password prompt with an inactive camera.

They removed that but opening the app now takes you to a panel pushing Quik, a subscription service, rather than the camera control panel. Unless there was a significant discount for the GoPro I'd get a Garmin.


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My wife recently bought me a DJI Osmo and it is 10x better than my GoPro. Videos are stabilized and pictures are crisp. Most of my GP accessories work with it too.
Same thing with the Garmin but it is more expensive. You are paying for the GPS unit built into the camera and the ability to control the camera from their other GPS devices like their watch. I have a older version of the Garmin Virb and I can control it through the Zumo.

I also picked up a GoPro Hero 5 Session on sale. You can probably find a new Hero 6 now with a substantial discount.
My wife recently bought me a DJI Osmo and it is 10x better than my GoPro. Videos are stabilized and pictures are crisp. Most of my GP accessories work with it too.
I'm looking to get DJI Osmo as well over Go Pro. Heard lots of good compliments and the image and video quality seems superb.
That thing looks slick! If nothing else their marketing is on point. I really like the feature's it's pushing.
There are some caveats. The software is relatively complicated and not exactly streamlined. It's most commonly used with your mobile phone when you're trying to offload files or make short edits. Make sure you have the latest and greatest smart phone. Mine at the time was an iPhone XS and that seemed a touch on the unstable side. But once you get something working, it's pretty legit. It also gets really hot when it's on (hence burning through battery).

Whenever mine wasn't running, it was plugged into my powerbank.

It also eats memory cards like nobody's business. I run 64GB cards, but even they seem small recording at the maximum resolution.

But yeah, it's nice, you can even use it to post pictures of your favorite spots in google maps. You could take timelapse videos, post them on youtube, and watch them in 3d with a 3d headset. It's great when you want to show families the places you've been, and they can turn their heads to look behind them or in front of them wherever you're going.

Despite the cons on my model, I think it's a great camera system and highly recommend whatever the current versions are.
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