The AT4 package is an appearance package only. The off-road package is different. The premium and prefered packages are the same, except the former comes with 20" wheels and the latter 18". The AT4 package is a premium package much like SLT and Denali. I just think it looks better. The truck rides well thanks to its Independent Front suspension. The 2500 with the Duramax loaded still has more than 3000 lbs of payload (Denali may be just under 3k lbs). The 2020 is longer than the 2019, with dimensions similar to the F250/350.

This is not an off-road truck like a ZR2, Raptor, Power Wagon or Tremor. This is a road truck than can do easy to moderate trails. The Eaton G80 is well matched for for the design purpose of the truck. Also new for 2020 is an auto 4WD mode. 2WD is still the recommended mode for higher traction surfaces. Auto is recommended for lower to moderate traction, higher speed driving. 4WD High/Low for low traction, lower speed driving. The front differential is open. The Rear differential is an auto-locker that engages at speeds below 30mph.

The DuraMax AT4 2500HD (11350 GVWR), well optioned weighs in (curb) at around 8300 lbs and the GVWR puts it solidly in as a class 3 truck (10,001 - 14,000 lbs). The gas 2500HD is available as a class 2 (10,000 GVWR) vehicle.

The ride is quite nice (opinion) compared to the 2019 Ram 2500 and 2019 F250/350. Lowering the rear tire pressure is recommended, by me, to mitigate the bounce when the bed is empty. Fuel mileage can be in the upper teens to (very) low 20's in mixed driving. Of course YMMV.

Here is a youtube link to my truck: 2020 GMC AT4HD.

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