From Land Cruiser to Tundra


After having Land Cruisers in my family since I was 4 years old, the last one left a few weeks ago.

I can remember going on tests drives with my parents in brand new FJ 40’s in the mid 70’s! Over the years I had 1, FJ 55, 1, FJ 40 that was fully restored, 1, FJ 60, 3, FZJ 80’s and a 200 series. They were all unique in their own abilities, but hands down the best all around Cruiser for what I like to do with them was the 80 series. It did everything well, from aftermarket parts, being comfortable on the road to the harder trails of Moab and carry or tow whatever gear I needed to bring along. The 200 series was an amazing platform and I would like to own one again. It’s just a very expensive vehicle to build if you add all the equipment needed to protect it from tearing it up on the trails.

All that said, I decided to try a different platform, a 2020 Tundra. The idea behind it was simply be able to throw gear in the bed and go camping quick and easy with my son. The 200 series was great when it was just me going, because I could fit all my gear in it plus sleep in the back, quick easy setup. Add 7 year old son and it changed what gear to bring with and I want to have him sleep well, oh yeah me too at 47 years old, because ground tents have lost all appeal to me and my back!

So I wanted to have the ability to put a tent on the truck up above the topper and having had several flip open style rtt’s over the years I decided on a Camp King Industries flip up that can be mounted on the topper or a trailer that I have.

So throw all my gear in, sleep in comfort, set up quickly, have pretty trail ready truck and be able to get down the road and as an adder be able to tow multiple types of trailers, boats, campers.

Here is what I came to so far...

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That’s a sweet ride. Looking forward to seeing what you do to it but above all, where it takes you!

I dig your set up. We have enjoyed our Tundra so far. Went back and forth between trailers/campers and now are in a slide in camper. Tundra handles it all well.

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