Ford Bronco's return

I own two Broncos today, a 76 built to go places and a 71 half cab under full restomod overhaul. I also owned an 88 OJ Bronco back in the day when I couldn’t afford to buy an EB.. With regard to the new Bronco release, I’m bracing for impact... I’d love for FoMoCo to release an updated version of the 66-77, but rumors in the Bronco community hint that it will be complete disappointment. Look at the new Blazer... What the HELL was GM thinking? Please Ford, don’t do that to us. After many years of counseling, the Bronco II scars have healed and we are back to loving the Bronco brand... I think Ford should just leave well enough alone... Remember when the new “Red Dawn” movie came out? I’m getting the same feeling with the Bronco... Yes it had much better special effects, but it couldn’t stand up to the original.. I’m sure the new Bronco will appeal to the masses, which will be its downfall in the eyes of us purists..
Judging by that tow strap going into the back it appears to have a split hatch with a tailgate. Top portion removable perhaps?

Just hope it doesn't look like a lifted Ford Flex the way the renderings of the baby Bronco do.
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