For sale: BMW Vario Side Case F750GS / F850GS / R1200GS / R1250GS

Brett C

Senior Staff
I have left and right Vario Side cases in black. They have the lock cylinders as well which can be setup to your BMW key. The bike has never been down with them on it. The cases are in like new condition. Selling because I traded in my bike. I am asking 900 (local shipping only) obo, they are 1185 new. I am located in Inland Empire (Riverside County, CA).

Link is to factory description for more details.

Link to pics of the actual Panniers for sale CF85CED7-D169-488B-9DC6-7AF667886682.jpeg 1CBEFBEA-DDD3-451B-B7FD-A586B5590514.jpeg 9325B9A8-3214-40CA-839B-24A19BF4DD4B.jpeg 77EDF020-CC80-4F69-8DD8-F27D3B762EF6.jpeg 4B2E6B40-9A84-484E-8608-D7643A221412.jpeg 77E6F65C-8F92-4121-8902-94A185AFB077.jpeg
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