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In a backcountry survival situation, FISHING is an excellent source of food, and in some environments it may be your ONLY source of food. During normal times, trying your hand at fishing with some of the more arcane techniques can also be a whole lot of FUN!

As Hank Williams Jr once said, “We’re from North California and South Alabam’, And little towns all around this land. And we can skin a buck, and run a trotline. And a country boy can survive“

Can you?

Fact: A good survival kit should have some basic fishing line and hooks, but it’s likely you won’t have a pole. Even if you do, there are other ways to catch fish.There are three very basic ways to fish without a pole, or in a survival situation. Some are better in the still waters of a lake, pond or swamp, while others are better suited for running waters:1. Limb Lines. Basically, the tree is your fishing pole. You can easily rig several limbs in sequence, varying the depth and type of bait to see what...
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