Father/Son Trip

My dad and I are taking a trip to northern New Mexico and Colorado in 3 weeks to do some overlanding. I've only ever been off roading on the trails at Big Bend so I'm really new to this but I think I can handle "Moderate" trails, based on FunTrek's rating system. Speaking of FunTreks, I'm planning on getting their CO books but they don't seem to have anything for NM.

Can anyone send me tips on gear to take, and possible routes? Things to keep in mind? Permits needed? In TX you need an off-highway vehicle permit needed, do I need that for NM or CO? Where is it legal to camp when one is overlanding? It seems people just find a place to stop on their route and camp there? Is that just because they're on national parks' forest trails and you're allowed to camp anywhere?

We'll be on a Jeep Wrangler with A/T tires, no winch. We have plenty of camping gear since we do a lot of backpacking but it's the "overlanding" gear that I'm less sure about. So far I've ordered a hi-lift and am going to order towing straps and an air compressor. I thought about getting maxtrax but my friend recommended tire deflators instead as a cheaper and better alternative for better traction/getting unstuck.

As far as a route goes, we'll be driving from TX to Santa Fe, NM for our first stop; we don't plan on doing any overlanding until we get to Santa Fe. From there, we'd like to make our way to northern CO, maybe all the way up to Fort Collins. The ideal overlanding sections of the trip would be more through mountainous or wooded areas with bodies of water, and less through arid areas. We'd like to to overland a bit, camp, overland and drive to the next section each day. We'll have 7-8 days for the whole trip.

Sorry for all the newbie questions and long post. Thanks for your help!
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