F150 overland Build

Headed out to Monache Meadows this weekend. Had a great time. We showed up on Friday just after a rain storm which kept the dist down on the trail. The rest of the weekend was at high 70s. Here are couple of shots. I have about 400 images to go through.

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Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
So not much has been done lately with the Overland F150 build but i do have a few things being made that i cant wait to show you guys.... I cant say much since it will be a prototype but i can say that there is nothing else like it for the F150 platform....

Next in line after that is suspension.... im torn on which way to go. I will def be going with coilovers and possibly diff springs/ shocks in the back since all the extra weight is making it sag a bit. If i dont do diff springs i may go with airbags in the rear.....
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