F150 overland Build

I figured i would put my build on here for you guys to check out.

My truck is a stock 2012 F150 CC 4wd. here is a list of things i am looking to do to her:

  • Snug top/leer or ARE camper top (purchased)
  • LED light bars (Bulldog lighting) for bumpers and grill
  • Factory Bumper with Rough Country winch mounting system ( http://www.roughcountry.com/ford-f150-winch-mount_1010.php ) (purchased)
  • Rough Country Leveling kit (purchased)
  • M1 Black mesh grill
  • AFE intake (purchased)
  • AFE Exhaust (purchased)
  • Bushwacker Fender Flares
  • OEM FX4 headlights
  • Procomp wheels and tires (purchased)
  • Edge Evo CTS w/ backup camera (purchased)
  • ARB Lockers
  • Full RCI metalworks skid plates
  • Roof rack with tent

A big thank you to Rough Country suspension for hooking it up with a leveling kit. winch and winch bracket for my build... cant wait to get it all installed

this is how she is currently sitting: Ill be removing the steps and installing the winch this weekend.

installed my Rough Country winch with hidden winch mount.. as well as mounted (not wired) my CB inside the cab.

i was able to remove my steps, install and wire up my CB radio, blacked out my badges and installed my smoked Recon LED taillights. next up is blacking out the rest of the chrome on my truck and installing the graphics

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a few weeks ago i started on the rack.. or at least start doing some measuring.... I had some takeoff fence material from a job site i did and have about 200 feet of fence... it seems like its the perfect material to start off with since i already have it and its free... i pulled this one and its pretty much the exact size i want.. it just needs to be squared off.

i didnt have a real good way to make some perfect 45 degree angles so i did this instead

im not the best at welding but i wanted to see what you guys thought of these welds...

i put the rack on top of the truck to see how it would look.. all i had was some spare 4x4's so its sitting a lil higher than i want but it gives you an idea of how it would look.

i still have a lot of work to do. i need to add the sides to it, creating a mounting system and also make an internal cage inside the shell to support the weight.

then i felt like the rack was too wide so i decided to just ditch what i already had and start fresh.

it was about 2+ hours of grinding and cutting and about 1 hour of measuring and welding.

i also have a ton of these round 1/4" thick pieces from an old job so i deced to make my corner peices out of it. not only will this help square off the edges but this is also where the mounts are attaching too from the top of the cab.

all 4 corners in place

this is what the welds look like. i thought i was going to have a hard time welding 2 different thickness but after a little adjusting i think i did pretty good

next up is cutting and grinding up some more square tubing so that i can make cross braces and all the sides.
Yesterday my wife took care of the kids all day so i can work in the shop and try and get this rack ready before the desert rendezvous. so today i fabricated some mounting brackets that will get welded under the corners.

i also made the top section of the rack and tacked welded onto the bottom section. i also put a cross brase 3/4 of the way down on the bottom section where another set of triangular corner peices will be installed since thats the forward location of where it will mount to the top of my roof rack.

I didnt get to spend a whole lot of time on it today so didnt get everything i want done.

Here is an buttom up view of it. I added another set of traingle peices to the bar in the middle

i also added 4" tall pieces around the perimeter to help strengthen the whole thing...
here is a back view

and the rest

so as of right now i still need to finish 2 more mounting brackets that go from those triangle pieces to the top of the shell. I also need to find a place locally that can sell me some of that wire mesh to play on the bottom of the rack and add a couple of more braces. I also still have not added my light mounting tabs since im waiting for my 50" light bar to come in.

thats exactly what im looking for... and it looks like they are not too far... if i cant find it locally ill head there to go buy it. Im hoping that with 2 more cross bars and this it will give the whole thing a lot more strength.


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That's a nice truck, it's refreshing to see a Ford amongst the sea of Toyotas here. I'm digging the hidden winch setup. Now we need to see some pics of it out and about.
That's a nice truck, it's refreshing to see a Ford amongst the sea of Toyotas here. I'm digging the hidden winch setup. Now we need to see some pics of it out and about.
i thought i had more pictures but i could only find this one from my FB page from a gorman trip we did in november of last year
Just became a Decked dealer and ordered one for my truck. Im super excited to try this out. I think its going to be a great sleeping platform as well as excellent for storage.. if you have never heard of it check this out: http://decked.com/

here are some pics of what it looks like

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ok so im going on trip this weekend and i have been trying to figure out how to mount my tablet for my GPS. i saw a couple of options online but nothing that would work with the tablet so i figured i would start making my own.
i started with a carboard cutout.

as soon as my wife gets home from work im going to go in the shop and cut it out of steel and get it done tonight

ill keep you guys posted



Digging this build! Love the fact that you're doing it with a newer truck. I love the color, and love the mods so far! I also love the decked setup.. I just wish they made them for an 8' dodge bed :(


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Great job on the mods. Love the hidden winch. Wish I could do that with my Dodge but with the Cummins, there is no room up front.
here are some updates from this morning.
I drilled 4 wholes through the plate first.. then i alligned everything and used the plate to drill the wholes through the factory dash plate.

i then put the nuts on. this worked out perfectly because by the time i put the "liner" piece over it its completely flush with it. this will make it so i can take it off whenever im not going to use it and on again very easily.

im pretty much done with it. im just giving it a few coats of paint right now and once it dries ill post up some final pictures of it mounted up



I'm really digging the deckedup slider. I've been pondering somekind of a simalar set up for my Tacoma, if they made it, I would buy it, guess I'm back to having to make something myself.
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