Explorr Build

Truck is done and looks awesome...........ass end does sit high because there is no weight on the back. It is setup for my Roof top tent, fridge and camping stuff that will be in and on the bed.. Going to get an alignment in the morning then head home.

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Going in a different direction again.............After packing for Anza Borego, I found once the tent is mounted I am not able to access all the space behind the fridge and there is a lot back there. I can't lift the cover.

I sold my tent and will sell the Toneau cover. I ordered an Alucab canopy. I already have a 4 inch memory foam cot size mattress I ordered from Amazon and will use this to sleep on my drawer platform. I will have plenty of room and side door access to everything in the bed.


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Couple of mods...........Place to put my gas cap and replaced my cracked windshield.

Windshield got nailed transferring out here and by the time it got replaced on Saturday, it had a crack on the passenger side about 12-18 inches and then just recently spread to the driver side a good 18-20 inches.........
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Well not much of an update. I sold my tent and have been waiting on the new Alucab. Well, my Alucab canopy arrived at the shipper and was destroyed. They crushed the rear door and back window was blown out..........Totally sucked driving down to Fontana and driving home with an empty trailer. I was so disappointed after waiting so long for it. Ok4WD is taking care of me, like always. Awesome customer service that is why I have been with them for years.

-2 options, OK4WD has a James Baroud dealer in Escondido, CA and may be shipping some tents out to them and will load a canopy on. This is only a truck to them so no one else handling anything or screw it up hopefully. Other option is wait till Expo West and pick it up. That kind of messes up my camping plans before Expo but I would take my MSR small ground tent and camp, problem is what do I do with the aluminum toneau cover on the truck when I switch out to the canopy?? Thought is OK4WD take it with them and then ship it back to me. I will be selling it, but doubt it would work out that someone at Expo would buy it. Stars would have to align............
Talked to Rin and my canopy should be on the truck with the James Baroud tents going to Nomad Ventures in Escondido on Monday. This will work out well as long as no damage to this one. This truck has only the tents and my canopy so I am confident it will not end up like the first scenario. I am leaving the house on the 11th and heading to Death Valley, then roaming around CA and AZ until Expo............
Finally my Alucab canopy has arrived and it is perfect. Bruce at Nomad Ventures had a shipment of James Baroud and he was kind enough to let me pick it up from him in Escondido. Great guy and it was a pleasure to meet him.

Install is simple other than the heavy duty brackets, took a couple minutes to figure out how they went together. After that just a matter of lining everything up and securing it. Brackets are heavy duty and 3 go on each side. I love the huge access doors, the whole side is able to be used instead of a small portal type window on some of the other caps I was looking at. Sleeping platform is going to work great! All ready for trip to AZ, Expo and southern Utah.

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