Explorr Build

Well, after 3 years and tons of mods to the Jeep...................... I have sold the Jeep!! We bought a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road, exterior is Silver Sky. There was not a lot to choose from on the lot in Odessa, so the truck is coming from Dallas, hopefully I will have it by Tuesday. I am excited!

As I said and anyone who has seen my Jeep build, I have done a ton of mods, however I was still not happy with it as a daily driver, which it is. Lots of other reasons for the change, but that was a big one..........

Looking forward to the new truck!

1557682_349966408507946_4545445549886357559_n.jpg 20170721_162737.jpg 20171202_145043.jpg

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Former Jeep owners seem to be growing in numbers, congrats on the new truck!

Thanks Andy......Yes I believe that is a very true statement. You only have to drive the Tacoma once to see you don't want to get back into the Jeep. I have owned many Jeeps and think that will be the last.
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