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Now that we know why the Pajero Evolution is so special, I asked Phil to tell me a little about his other JDM imports. Not so much a list of all the trucks he’s owned, but more those which perhaps lead to the Evo purchase. How did he get here from there?
Evolving needs
[AL ] Your previous Pajeros were far more pedestrian, if not more capable off road (with regards to technical terrain). Methinks you used to be more into camping and crawling, neither of which seem to have been in the minds of the engineers behind the Evo. Why go this route?
[PH] My needs have evolved for sure from those early gen 1s. (No, I couldn’t resist the pun.) Once I found out I could import a JDM diesel, I sold my rough and ready gen 1 and my commuter car (a 2003 Lancer OZ Edition).
I used gen 2 diesels for my long commute over country roads and towing our small travel trailers. I appreciated camping on Saturday, wheeling on Sunday...

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