Evolution of a Dream: Part 1


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A little over an hour east of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, lies the city of Airdrie. 40-some thousand people call this Calgary suburb home, including my friend Phil Hansford. A long time fellow Mitsubishi 4WD enthusiast, in the spring of 2016, Phil imported his third Mitsubishi Pajero from Japan—the exceedingly rare Pajero Evolution.
Being a long time Mitsubishi enthusiast and rally fan, I love the Pajero Evo. Imagine if there was a factory-built, street legal version of your daily driver that had competed in and won swept Dakar. That’s how cool these things are. So I asked him to give us an owner’s perspective on this amazing machine and how it’s changed his priorities.
[AL] How rare is the Pajero Evolution?
[PH] A former engineer at Mitsubishi back in those heady days of success in motorsport said there was no longer anybody around from those days, but confirmed that there were 2,500 built. He didn’t say when exactly, but I did...
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