Eezi Awn Stealth....

Just returned from Namibia and found the Blade RTT to be super easy to deploy and stow. Plenty of room for two with pockets attached to the ceiling to stow items overnight. All the bedding can be kept inside when closed. The mattress was a bit firm for me and could use a memory foam topper. The ladder could be of better design as its a fixed length ladder with an extension attachment. I prefer the telescoping type. The ladder stores in the tent, so once popped up you are required to stand on the tire to retrieve it. This is a task not to be accomplished by your 5"3" SO.

Overall the tent was decent and with almost daily movement to different campsites made the breakdown of camp less arduous. I can't speak for the weight as this was already attached to the rental vehicle. I am unsure of the advertised weight but feel the most manufactures bend the truth of the actual weight of there tents.

I sold my CVT RTT this past spring and probably wouldn't purchase another RTT unless someone comes out with a true weight sub 100 lbs tent.
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