Dual fuel stove


I generally bulk-buy only the cheapest off-brand butane cartridges from my local Asian market - different labeling every time, and they're all CRV-included. I've never had a cartridge not work in either of my stoves. One does need to ensure the little alignment notch is correctly oriented (up), but other than that, I've never had issues.

There was a general revision to most/all butane stove designs a few years back to add compatibility for the CRV cans, but AFAIK, everything built after the introduction of that standard is compatible. (Also, some older stoves were already compatible, the difference being in the shape of the "face" where the canister is pressed against the valve.) Only thing I can presume is that someone tried a CRV cartridge in an older stove?
No, it wasn't about a CRV canister not being compatible, but about the user's gasone duel-fuel burner using only Gasone butane (non-crv) canisters, implying that the duel-fuel setup made other butane canisters not work but that Gasone did something to their canisters that made them work better. Was only one comment I saw, so it sure may have been a user error or wrong perception on that user's part.

Good to hear that others aren't having any problems with other brand butane canisters.

Thanks for the input!


I used different brands of butane cylinders in my GasOne dual-fuel stove with no issues. I've never seen anything stating they only work with certain stoves.

And if I were going to have the temp cranked up high, I'd lean more towards using a propane cylinder.
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