Dometic CFX 75 DZ W


I need to start off this review of an electric cooler by saying that I’ve been happy with the ice-powered “super coolers” that I have for keeping things cold.  With a super cooler, as long as you take good care of your ice, it will last for an impressively long time.  Super coolers are leaps and bounds ahead of your run of the mill plastic ice chest, but no matter how good your ice-powered cooler is, there is no beating the laws of thermodynamics and the fact that ice will eventually turn into water inside your cooler.  Water in the liquid state means wet food if you don’t pack your cooler well, and accelerated melting of your remaining ice, which only accelerates the need to procure more ice.  Meanwhile, with a 12V electric cooler, you don’t need to futz with ice, and Dometic has made the process of keeping an electric cooler powered up, and ice cold, so easy that switching to an electric cooler becomes one of easiest, most game-changing things you can do to support your off-grid...

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I resisted a fridge for quite a while, and there are still advantages to an icebox (external use for example), but ended up with a dummy model (fridge only, no controls, fixed 4* Celsius temp). I wish I had switched sooner. No more soggy sandwiches! One thing to note in the size comparison is the volume of a fridge equals the volume of food/drinks, where an icebox must have room left for the ice. The longer you will be away, the more space for ice must be factored in. It eats up a lot of space, but you can fill the fridge to the lid and enjoy the trip. An RTIC 64oz filled with crushed ice is enough to get through a long weekend of campsite bourbon.

I hope my fridge keeps working for a long time. It was a great deal to try out the concept, and I won't be able to repeat it, but I am bitten enough that it will have to be replaced and the Dometic is at the top of the list.
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Great article!
I just purchased this fridge a few weeks ago at expo east. So far, couldn't be happier. We've used it for groceries every weekend and also to keep drinks cold on short day trips.
The fridge is, surprisingly, very quiet. I would compare it to our home fridge as far as noise level. Truly don't hear it running in the back.
Spacious is an understated word for this fridge. I'm amazed everytime we get our weekly groceries how much food this thing holds. Just on one side alone.
We food prep on weekends so we do a large shop once a week. I put 7lbs of ground beef, 11lbs of chicken breast, 2 rib eyes, 1/2 gal of milk and other small cold items on the larger side. The smaller side I run as a freezer and it will hold 2 of the large 5lb steamable veggie bags from Sam's Club, no problem.
The wifi capability has pros and cons.
Pro being the ability to monitor both sides of the fridge/freezer and also the ability to turn 1 of the sides off when not needed.
The con being wifi and not bluetooth. If you connect and then try to use your phone for Internet or social media accounts, it tends to not want to load pages. It's a minor gripe, but worth noting I feel.
All in all I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend.
The power consumption test with and w/o the insulating cover is really good info.
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